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The TIN Matching Application Process
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TIN Matching Application Terms of Agreement Page

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The TIN Matching application is divided into several pages requiring information on your firm. Your firm must be an authorized payer to perform TIN Matching.

Begin by accepting the TIN Matching Terms of Agreement. By entering the Personal Identification Number (PIN) you selected during e-services Registration, you are agreeing to abide by the terms described here.

Use the Principal & Firm/Organization Information page to provide the Legal Name and Employer Identification Number (EIN) of your organization. If your firm is a sole proprietorship, enter the SSN of the proprietor in place of the EIN. 

Principal & Firm/Organization Information

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If your firm is not listed in the Payer Account File you cannot complete the application to perform TIN Matching and will receive an error message when you try to proceed with the application.

Select Next to continue the application, or Save to save the application data up to this point.

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Be Careful

Only a Principal should complete the initial TIN Matching application for your firm. Principals are corporate officers such as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Partner. Principals are the individuals within your firm held legally responsible by the IRS for the activities of the firm.

By completing the initial application, you are certifying that you are a Principal in the firm.


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As the Principal in a firm, you may designate "Responsible Officials" in your organization who may modify your application at a later date.

Principal & Firm/Organization Information

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Rolodex Continue to complete the Firm/Organization page by entering address information. The address entered on this page is the year-round, physical location of your firm.

If your firm will perform TIN Matching from multiple locations, you will be prompted to enter these locations later in the TIN Matching Application.

Be sure to enter the phone number of your firm in addition to your own phone number.