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The TIN Matching Application Process
Complete the TIN Matching Application
Modify a TIN Matching Application
Use e-services

After your firm has been granted authorization for TIN Matching, you may continue to modify the information in the application. For example, your firm may want to add additional authorized users or add a new business location.

To modify an application, you must first locate the relevant application for your organization with the application search page.

e-services Organization Selection Page

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When you login to e-services you will be asked to select an Organization.

An Organization is a profile under which you work in e-services. Think of an organization as the "hat" you are wearing during an e-services session. Some days, you may want to work on your personal e-services profile. Other days, you are representing a particular firm and its work. e-services users may represent multiple firms in various roles depending on their job responsibilities.

There are two general types of organizations you may choose:

  • Every e-services user has an Individual Organization. Under this profile, you may edit your registration information or complete a new application.
  • Authorized users of e-services products will also have one or more Firm Organizations. For example, the user in the example above is authorized to work in e-services for the firm Trade Winds Driver.

Choose the organization for the firm that has authorized you to use the e-services product. For example, if you are designated as an authorized user by the XYZ Corporation, choose the XYZ Corporation on the Select Organization page.

From the e-services Home Page, select Application, then TIN Matching Application.



Application Page

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Your Firmís TIN Matching application will be displayed. You may now modify the information in the application, subject to your level of authorization in TIN Matching.

Select the section of the TIN Matching Application you would like to modify using the links on the Revise TIN Match Application page.

Revise TIN Match Application Page

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Principal and Firm/Organization Information Page

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Once you have selected a section of the TIN Matching Application to modify, use the Next and Previous buttons to navigate to other sections of the application. When you have finished your modifications, select Submit.
Caution Sign

Be Careful

The information you are authorized to change in the application depends on the type of user you are:

  • Principals and Responsible Officials may modify any section of the application. They may add and/or remove locations and authorized users and change the firm/organization information.
  • Authorized Agents may add authorized users to their location and change their address information.
  • Delegates may not edit applications