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The TIN Matching Application Process
Complete the TIN Matching Application
Modify a TIN Matching Application
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If your firm has multiple locations where employees will perform TIN Matching, you will need to add these additional locations to your TIN Matching Application.

In the Establish Locations section, you are asked to provide the name and address of the location and a point of contact for daily communications with the IRS.

The permanent, year-round location you entered in the Principal & Firm/Organization Section is already added to your list of locations.

You can add or delete as many additional locations as needed. Be sure to include all the locations where TIN Matching will be done by your firm.

To add multiple locations, select the Add button. A summary of the locations added will appear in the table at the bottom of the screen. 

Establish Locations

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To edit or delete the details of a TIN Matching location, use the links to the right of the location in the table.

When you have finished adding locations, select Next to continue the application or Save to save your data up to this point.

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Helpful Hint

You may add additional locations at a later date by modifying your application.