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The TIN Matching Application Process
Complete the TIN Matching Application
Modify a TIN Matching Application
Use e-services

Your firm may designate Authorized Users, individuals who will be authorized to perform TIN Matching in e-services.

Add the users to whom your firm wishes to delegate authority. Choose a role for this user from the following list:

  • Delegated User
    An individual in the firm who has been authorized to perform TIN Matching
  • Authorized Agent
    An individual in the firm or another firm who has been authorized to perform TIN Matching on clients of the payer
  • Responsible Official
    Someone designated by a Principal to perform all the TIN Matching duties of a Principal, including modifying a TIN Matching application
  • Principal
    A corporate officer such as President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer, or Partner. Principals are the individuals within the firm held legally responsible by the IRS for the activities of the firm.


Authorized Users

Magnifying GlassSelect the image above for a closer view

Choose a Location where this user will perform TIN Matching from the drop-down list.

Tables containing lists of Locations and Authorized Users are available on this page; you may edit or delete this information as necessary.

Complete the user information for an individual, then select Add. You may then add additional Authorized Users to the page.

Once the TIN Matching Application is approved, all users added here who have confirmed their e-services registration will be able to perform TIN Matching. For more information on e-services Registration, see How Do I Register?

When you have finished adding users, select Next.

Caution Sign

Helpful Hint

You may edit or delete any users by using the Edit or Delete links in the Authorized Users table. For example, you may change the role of a user using the Edit button.

Warning Sign


Be Careful

TIN Matching Application will not allow you to delete the sole Principal on an application, or to delete the sole Responsible Official for a Location on an application.

To delete a sole Principal or Responsible Official, add a new user, then delete the previous user. 

TIN Submit Page

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On the Application Submission and Completion page, select Submit to send the application.


A page appears acknowledging your submission. A Tracking Number is displayed, in case you have problems with the application. The application Tracking Number is assigned to each new application that is created in e-services

You should keep the tracking number for future correspondence with the IRS regarding the application.

If there are no problems with your application, you may begin TIN Matching right away! If there is any problem with the application, the IRS will contact you to clear up the issue.

TIN Matching Application Submission Complete Page

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To access TIN Matching, use the TIN Matching link available from the e-services Home Page that appears after you login to e-services. For more information, see How Do I Use TIN Matching?.