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The IRS e-file Application
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IRS e-file Application
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Principals and Responsible Officials, except those previously mentioned, are required to complete a Personal suitability process before an e-file Application can be approved.

First, each Principal and Responsible Official must use the IRS e-file Application Personal Information page to respond to a set of questions regarding suitability.

Begin by verifying the personal information shown at the top of the page. If any of this information needs to be changed, use the
e-Services Registration product to make the updates. For more information, see How Do I Register?.

In the Professional Status section, indicate if you belong to one of the following professional groups

  • Attorney
  • Banking Official
  • Enrolled Agent
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Officer of a Publicly Owned Corporation

Second, as indicated on the page, you may need to mail to the IRS current proof of your professional status for any category that applies to you. If you are an Enrolled Agent you may need to enter your valid EA Number.

Answer the questions in the Suitability Information section. A Comments section is provided so that you can explain the circumstances surrounding your answers to the suitability questions. If you select "Yes" or "No" for an answer to any of the suitability questions, the Comments field for that question may be required.

Type your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the PIN field. For more information on changing your e-Services PIN, see How Do I Register?.

Select the Accept button to indicate that you accept the Terms of Agreement listed on the page.

e-file Application Responsible Official(s) Personal Information Page

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For more detailed information on the suitability process or other information needed to complete an IRS e-file Application, download IRS Publication 3112, The IRS e-file Application Package from the IRS web site using the IRS Publications link at left.