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To become an Authorized IRS e-file Provider, a firm or an organization must complete and submit an e-Services e-file application. After you register with e-Services (see How Do I Register?), your firm's e-file application will be available to you. We recommend you review and update your application online as needed. If your firm is an ERO that has qualified for the e-Services incentive products, you must use the IRS e-file Application online to designate those employees in your firm who can access those products (see Complete the Delegated User(s) Page).

After completing this tutorial, you should understand the information required to complete or modify and submit an IRS e-file Application.

Throughout the tutorial, you may access relevant IRS Publications that will provide more details on participating in IRS e-file by using the links at left under Resources.
This tutorial will address the following topics:

The e-file Application Process

Purposes of IRS e-file Application
The IRS e-file Application
Describe the IRS e-file Application Process
Identify the Information Needed for an IRS e-file Application
Access the IRS e-file Application
Navigate in the IRS e-file Application

Complete a New e-file Application

Complete the Business Type Page
Complete the Firm/Organization Address Page
Complete the IRS e-file Application Contacts Page
Complete the Program(s) Applying For Page
Complete the Form(s) Page
Complete the Firm/Organization Suitability Information Page
Complete the Principal(s) Page
Complete the Responsible Official(s) Page
Complete the Delegated User(s) Page
Complete the Personal Information Page
Submit Your Application
Check the Status of Your IRS e-file Application

Modify an e-file Application

Update Your IRS e-file Application
Acknowledge Your IRS e-file Application Modification

Use e-Services

Access e-Services Help